Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Parsons Corporation in Pasadena - Parking & Meeting Details

Address is 100 W. Walnut Ave. in Pasadena.

  1. Use the W. Walnut Street parking entrance across from Beckham Grill.
  2. Take a parking ticket at the gate (validate for free parking inside)
  3. Park outdoors on the East side of the building
  4. Have your ticket validated by security when you enter the building.
  5. Meeting room is just beyond the security desk to the right.

Latest News
Congratulations April Raffle Winners! - Thursday, April 03, 2014

Perpetuumsoft Sharp Shooter Collection: James Chang
Telerik Dev Craft: James Lin
Infragistics .Net Advantage: Peter Grillo 
Mindscape Elements: Peter Grillo
Typemock Isolator: Lionel Wong
Code Rush and Refactor Pro: Lionel Wong 
Code Smith Tools: Gur Shlapobersky
Learn Visual Studio: Robin Connelly
Pluralsight : Rajmund Rzepcki
Telerik Kendo UI: CJ Wang 


Parsons Corporation - 100 W. Walnut Ave. Pasadena

6:00p Mixer/Networking
6:10p Pizza Arrives

6:20p Group Announcements
6:30p Presentation Starts
7:30p Break/Peer Networking
7:40p Presentation Resumes
8:30p Wrap-up & Raffle

$7 ($5 with RSVP by 3p meeting-day)
Dinner (Usually Pizza) &
1 Raffle Ticket (2 with RSVP by 3p)

Extra Tickets  1 for $1 or 8 for $5



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